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Writing a letter has never been so easy!

Step 1.

Yellow fields contain information that you can autopopulate across many forms. E.g. First name, last name etc. These can be either added directly to the form or updated on your my data section of the my account page. Enter once and then never again!”

Step 2.

White boxes are for data that needs to be entered manually each time such as contextual or situational information like the recipient name, address etc. Populate these manually.

Step 3.

Green boxes contain your auto populate data. Check and ensure this is correct, if not update on your My Data section of the “My Account” page. Make sure all fields are populated then then press “submit”.

Step 4.

Review your letter and ensure that is is correct and accurate and choose to download either a word, pdf or email version of the template. it’s just that easy! Can’t find a template that is just right? create one with our template creation wizard!